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Wall Paints

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Under Coats

General Purpose PVA

20L R259.99 5L R 89.99 1L R39.99

GP is recommended as a plaster primer- or sealing coat for direct application to unpainted dry interior and exterior concrete walls. It's main function is to resist alkaline attack on the subsequent coats of paint. GP has good filling properties to fill uneven surfaces. GP has been formulated to let moisture out, and to assist your wall to breath. GP has also been formulated to absorb moisture until it can be let out. It forms a cushion for the final coat on the wall. Life expectancy - exterior - 5 years. Also suitable for ceilings.


Bonding Liquid

20L R599.99 5L R169.99 1L R49.99

This primitive product's only real use is as a sealer on interior walls. Should NOT be used on exterior walls. Very effective when applied on glass stone, providing the bonding liquid is diluted with 1/3 Turpentine as the first coat. The second coat must be applied as is.

Distemper Neutraliser

20L R949.99 5L R269.99 1L R59.99

Even binds chalked paint. Contains water-proofing properties. Is Acid and Alkaline proof. Kills bacteria and germs. Suited for Chicken coops as well as Pig styes. Kills Algae. Can be used as a crack sealant on concrete roofs.

Final - Coats

Double Vinyl PVA 20L R529.99 5L R199.99 1L R54.99

Super Satyn Sheen afwerking 20L R759.99 5L R239.99 1L R59.99

Proven over more than 20 years on walls interior and exterior now with built in Cold isolator proven to keep the HEAT inside and the COLD outside. Double Vinyl PVA has been formulated for Interior as well as Exterior use. It is mainly used on walls that has been painted with GP (General Purpose Under coat). It is excellent as a covering for previously painted interior and exterior walls, Plaster, raw Bricks as well as Concrete. Double Vinyl is a water based paint that can withstand more than 200 scrubs. Double Vinyl is more UV resistant than Enamel. Double Vinyl is REVOLUTIONARY due to the formulation of the product to withstand ACID RAIN.

Hi - Gloss Enamel Wit/ Ivory

Effective for painting of door frames, window frames, wood finishes. Any area that handles high traffic volumes, that needs constant washing.

Does not yellow.

Magic Velvet Universal undercoat

20L R1099.99 5L R289.99 1L R79.99

The most revolutionary Vinyl paint on the market today. Stained ceilings, are successfully covered with this product. The ONLY product on the market that can withstand scrubbing with a sponge or even a pot scrub. Even withstands steam and children's art.

Wallpaint (Exterior/Interior)

Proven over 21 years on walls interior and exterior, now with built in Cold isolator proven to keep the HEAT inside and the COLD outside. Takes more than 200 scrubs
Life expectancy 10 years plus.


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